What our past Clients have to say about us

Dear Starland Goldens,
Brian and I are so happy with our new puppy Boomer, he is the most well behaved puppy we have ever had. We would also like to thank you for all your help and advice with training techniques and proper care of our puppy. Boomer loves the food you have recommended and seems to be responding tremendously well to all of the training exercises you have taught us. We greatly appreciate the attention and time you took to prepare us for Boomer. We took him to the veterinarian and he was pleased with all of the immunizations you provided for us. Thank you for providing us with such a beautiful, healthy puppy.

Brian and Grace!


We adopted Bernard “Bernie” just last week. Starland Goldens helped us narrow it down to him since his personality seemed to fit our laid back lifestyle perfectly. Well, turns out, we couldn’t be happier! He is the best puppy and best friend for our family. He was one of the “Trained Young Adults”. His training is impeccable and he is a well-mannered young man, just like Starland Goldens said he would be! We adore him and my young children can’t get enough of him. Thank you for this beautiful addition to our family!!! He will have a loving and nurturing long life.



Getting a dog was a three year process for us. Waiting for our kids to be the right age, and finding the right animal was a big project. Once we decided on a retriever puppy, the project got a lot easier. Starland Goldens Home is larger than a back yard breeder, yet still small enough to care about every litter as if it was their own pet. I thought for a long time that with the right training, you can make any dog an ideal pet. I realize now that if you start with a first class purebred animal, life get’s much easier. Our 12 weeks old puppy Lucy is drop dead gorgeous, and is well on her way to crate training and potty training in the first week. She is the center of attention and plays well with all of her dog cousins in our family. Starland Goldens was great to work with and we will always be thankful for the love and care she put into the newest member of our family. (I wanted to name our puppy “Fansy”)


We got our first lab in 2006 from Starland Goldens and named him Jeger. He was the most adorable puppy and grew into the most strikingly beautiful adult. His intelligence, loyalty and sweet nature made him the greatest dog we will ever have. Jeger was more than what we could have ever wished for. Starland Goldens dogs are the absolute best and you can tell the love they put into her business by the quality and lovable dogs she breeds. We have kenneled our dogs at Starland Goldens Home when we go away and they always come back to us healthy and tired out from all the fun they had on their “dog vacation!” Jeger was an incredible swimmer and spent every summer swimming and chasing pelicans in the Gulf of Mexico. If he saw or smelled water, his face would longingly look at us as if to say, “Don’t we have time for a quick swim?” (We had a lot of detours during road trips because you could just not say no to that adorable face!) When our daughter was born in 2007, Jeger fell in love with his new “sister.” He would sleep right next to her crib and protect her every night. As she grew older, he ended up at the foot of her bed. They have been best friends and have shared a very special relationship till date. His gentle loving nature has made him the kid’s favorite when friends came over. Thanks Starland Goldens for breeding the best dogs there ever could be!

The Duncan Family,

Hi Starland Goldens,
I do not know where to begin, but getting our Boomer has been the greatest thing ever. Over the last 4 months, Boomer has become an important part in our lives. He is like a little thief that has stolen our hearts. I have never seen a puppy that seems to be so intelligent. Not only can he heel, sit, shake, and retrieve, I kid you not, he will almost every time, “Potty on Command”!! Aside from being “super intelligent”, he is the most laid back and well mannered pup I have ever been around. The experience that I had purchasing a pup from you was great, best decision I made. You are a man of your word and I will recommend you to anyone interested in purchasing a Retriever pup.

Denis and Samantha


Oh my goodness. I can not thank you enough for such a wonderful puppy. As I think back as I was searching for a puppy, I can not believe I trusted you enough to pick me out a puppy, send you a check in the mail, then drive to hundreds of Miles with my 4 year old son to purchase a dog from someone who I have never met. Then I arrived to your kennel, met you and fell in love with my 3rd child, Nala! She is very well behaved, loves to take walks on her leash, learning tricks, and became part of my wonderful family. I was very pleased with how things went since we only communicated on the phone and with email. You have done a great job and am so very happy I found you! Once again, thank you for such a wonderful experience and a great puppy!


Our experience picking “Emmy” was a great one! Starland Goldens Home was very personable & professional. He welcomed us into his home and gave my little girls cookies and showed them his ferret along with his ducks!!!! Starland Goldens vaccinated and wormed the pup right in front of us which was reassuring as well. His passion for the dogs was very obvious as he insisted that we send pictures and keep in touch! He guarantees the initial health of the pup and if there are any complications, he is willing to accept them back. Starland Goldens definitely has the dogs’ best interest at heart (which is important!) Our Emmy is now 6 months old and is very trainable, gentle with children, loving with our cat and very laid back! We would highly recommend Starland Goldens and his wonderful mannered dogs!!!!


We named Buddy, Raylan. He’s doing really good and he’s super smart!! 99% housebroken. If he does go in the house, it’s right by the door which means it’s our fault because we didn’t let him out. We took him to the vet and got his shots and microchipped and I got the vitamins right away. The other dogs like him a lot.Thanks for doing such a good job with him. He’s very socialized. If I meet up with anyone who wants a Retriever, I’ll definetly give them your name.
Thanks again!!!!