About Us

We Offer Hight Quality Golden Retriever puppies for sale. We are a large family that loves retrievers! We began breeding retrievers simply for the love of the breeds. My wonderful kids, they are very much involved with the care of our pets and the socialization of the puppies. Over the years we have been constantly doing our best to improve our breeding program to produce, healthy, well tempered, home raised retrievers puppies for families to take home and enjoy!

Starland Goldens Home has enjoyed this gentle intelligent breeds for 12 years now. We have been fortunate to have no serious health problems within our labs. Our oldest Dog is 17 years old and he is still going strong.

Our very first dog was a black Golden Retriever that we have treated like our own child. After raising them and falling in love with their intelligence and eagerness to please us, I had to have more! We have learned a lot over the years and strive to bring back the true Golden retriever with each new pup that we bring into our home. We research pedigrees of all pups we consider bringing in and only breed from some of the finest, quality Golden retrievers out there.

The Difference
One of the difference between us and other Golden Retriever breeders is we are NOT large scale kennel breeders. We live in a 5 bed 2 bath Ranch home, on a 3 Acre property that is fenced and cross fenced. Our puppies freely play in our yard during the day, in the evening they come inside to spend time with our family. Other breeders have far to many dogs, so many that their adult Retrievers can’t really be a part of a family life. So sadly their breeding adults are kept in pens or kennels most of their sad lives.

Our Retrievers are very special to us, so it’s our goal to keep them happy and healthy. We believe Retrievers should be a part of the family and be given a good life, for their faithful service and companionship. We also believe that since Retrievers are a part of our family, they should be fed the best quality food and supplements. So we feed our dogs high-quality premium dog food. We currently feed Our Retrievers ~Taste of the Wild, Roasted Fowl Formula. As well as given them the highest quality of Vitamin supplements available- NuVet!

Also we only breed AKC Champion bloodline adults from health certified backgrounds. And we never inbreed our Retrievers. Beware that there are many so called respectable breeders and backyard breeders inbreeding their dogs.

My hope is that families looking for puppies to adopt, will first care about the health and quality of the parents that are producing puppies. But will also truly care about the life style that is given to the Parents of their future puppy.

Because All Golden Retrievers deserve a good life.

Our Goal : –

We will, first and foremost, encourage and promote responsible dog ownership.

We willingly accept the responsibility, as one of many caretakers, to help maintain this wonderful breed in any way we can and with no expense spared.

We will breed responsibly with only the dog’s best interest in mind.

We will make every attempt to place our dogs in a stable environment that provides health and happiness……..

We are and always will be Silver-Star “Quality” Golden Retrievers.